Finnish maps on the Internet

The maps covering Seume’s route are based on the sheets F1–F4 from Karta öfver Storfurstendömet Finland (1864–73) which was the first relatively accurate atlas of the whole area of Finland. These 4 sheets were pasted together, colours corrected, reduced their size and then cut into 3 maps covering Seume’s route in Finland. The original Karta öfver Storfurstendömet Finland was printed in the scale 1 : 400 000.

Another, more detailed but perhaps not so accurate is the so called Kalmberg Atlas. It is a military map of 1840’s, printed in the scale 1 : 100 000.

Kansalaisen karttapaikka contains very accurate and detailed maps of today’s Finland in various scales.

Karta öfver Storfurstendömet Finland

Kalmberg Atlas

Kansalaisen karttapaikka